Air conditioner at the party

I made a decision to throw a surprise party for my girlfriend’s birthday. She was going to be turning forty and she was very depressed about it.  Since her birthday falls very close to my husband’s it was easy to plan.  They were both born in June so I knew we would have great weather.  I was looking forward to it so much that I forgot a very important thing, to check the air conditioner.  You see, we have a garage that we converted to a party room several years ago.  We don’t use it during the cooler months so we shut down the wall unit that we had installed at the time of the conversion. My husband usually takes care of checking it but he has been out of town on business and hasn’t had the time.  When the day arrived for the party, the weather forecast was for the mid 80’s. I went out in the morning to start the air conditioner and nothing happened. My husband, who was home and knew about the party, said he would call the repair technician right away.  The guests started to arrive ahead of my friend so they could surprise her. As the room filled up, the air began to get hotter and hotter.  I explained that a technician would be there shortly so everyone made the best of it. My friend arrived and was very surprised when guests started singing happy birthday to her instead of my husband. I don’t think she even notices the lack of air conditioning and thankfully everyone had brought their swimsuits and could cool off in the pool. The technician arrived about a couple of hours later, and looked at the system. He found the problem was a malfunctioning electrical component. He installed a new piece, and the A/C system was working just like new.


The difference in HVAC tune ups

Buying your first home can be quite the adventure.  There are so many things to consider other than the price.  After years of my family and I looking we finally found what seemed to be a perfect house.  A couple of times we considered buying before but wanted to have enough in savings before we made the leap.  We made an offer on the house and the sellers were quick to respond.  They agreed to the price under the condition that it was sold in an “as is” condition.  We didn’t see anything wrong on any of the walkthroughs so we agreed.  Luck was on our side since entire process took less than three weeks. We were packed and moved in, in less than a month. After two days in our home we began to notice that the A/C wasn’t working as it should. It was the middle of summer and nearly 90 degrees outside.  I knew that something needed to be done. Since we had enough remaining in savings, my wife agreed that ir would be beneficial to pay to have someone identify our problem. The next day, a repairman came by and explained that since our HVAC unit was an older model and it looked like hadn’t been serviced in a while, it was not working up to capacity.  The good news was, that despite its age, it was still in good shape and it could be repaired.  We were looking at a few hundred dollars instead of a couple thousand. After hearing that news, my wife, three adorable kids, and I all breathed a collective sigh of relief.

heating and AC

Turning off the furnace system

Here it is the beginning of April, and the outside weather is quite unpredictable. I never know what can be expected when I wake up in the morning. A few days ago, the temperature climbed close to sixty degrees and the sun was shining warmly. I noticed the tulips and the daffodils were poking up in the garden and the crocuses were already in bloom. There were robins hopping on the lawn, and a flock of Canadian geese floating on the pond. I was excited to shut down the furnace and start my spring cleaning. I really wanted to open the windows and let in some fresh air, but it was a touch too chilly for that. I put away my wool coat, winter boots and my snow shovel. The following day, the temperature plummeted down to twenty-four degrees and it started snowing. I needed to start the furnace again and dig my winter coat and boots back out. It was very discouraging to have the furnace running again and watch the snow fall on my nice gardens. Two days afterwards, it warmed up a bit and started to rain. I am so anxious to have warmer weather arrive. I’ve been running the furnace since the beginning of November, and the house is very stale and dry. I’ve been paying some high energy costs, dumping rock salt on my front steps, and shoveling snow out of the driveway. Instead of running a snowblower, I’m ready to ride the lawn mower. I really am anxious to install my portable air conditioner in my bedroom window and open up the swimming pool. I can’t wait to put out all of my patio furniture and cook dinner on the barbecue grill.

oil furnace

HVAC zone control

I work in the large office building downtown that is only a few years old. The building contains a state-of-the-art commercial HVAC system. There isn’t a thermostat available for anyone at work to adjust though. The temperature is controlled from the corporate office, and often does not take into consideration our local weather. The building is constructed mainly of a glass, and despite the fact that windows are tinted, we get a substantial amount of sunlight. Sometimes, in the midst of January, when the outside temperature is around thirty degrees, the sun can be shining brightly. The sun pours in the windows and heats up the office. Since there is no ability to turn down the thermostat, our workspaces become terribly overheated. I wish we were able to let in some fresh outside air to cool the building down slightly, but the windows do not open. So while the business office is paying to cool the building, all of the employees are sweating and feeling very uncomfortable. We run multiple box fans to get some relief. In the middle of July, the air conditioning often is inadequate to combat the heat and the glare of the sunlight. The heating and cooling system has some wonderful benefits for us. It operates very quietly and effectively filters contaminants from the air. Unfortunately, I never quite know if the office is going to be ungodly hot or way too chilly. I dress in layers making sure that I can react to what our HVAC system delivers on a particular day. It would definitely save energy costs and improve our comfort to install several thermostats and zone control within the building.


Superior heaters are boilers

Over the last ten years, I’ve moved around a lot because of my job, and I’ve lived in six different homes. I’ve experienced all different types of heating systems, including warm air gas furnaces, electric heat pumps, and hot water boiler systems. I believe, hydronic heating is the most comfortable and cost efficient heating available. A boiler is able to undertake everything from a single level residence to a large apartment building, and is capable of using any modern fuel available. It can even supplement hot water heating, provide snowmelt in a driveway, and heat a swimming pool. A boiler works by distributing water through tubing concealed within floors or ceilings and connected to radiators, baseboard heaters or radiant heat flooring. When compared to a forced air heating system, boilers are far more effective at maintaining more evenly distributed temperature. Rather than lost in, the heat is convected into the space, heating surfaces rather the air. Because there are no cold surfaces with drafts or cold spots, the thermostat may be set a bit lower, reducing energy use. There is also less circulation of dust or other contaminants, making a boiler an ideal choice if you suffer from allergies and asthma. The boiler operates silently, so there’s no fan noises, rattling ducts, or whoosh of air when the system cycles on. With radiant floor heat flooring, the entire system is concealed beneath the floor, taking up no space and not distracting from aesthetics. A boiler even offers the option to create zones with the home, allowing independent temperatures, room by room. This permits personalized comfort, and there’s no need to pay to heat empty spots.


Air quality efficiency

Last summer, I noticed that my dwelling wasn’t as cool as it should be. The air conditioner seemed to be running non stop, but there was clearly hotspots in various rooms. My electric bill was ungodly high, and there was an excessive amount of dust in the house. I was constantly cleaning, and dusting, but I couldn’t stay ahead. There was also a smell of mold whenever the air conditioner operated. When my little girl started sneezing and complaining about headaches, I knew we had a problem with the air conditioner, that it was not running effectively or efficiently, and it was definitely causing poor air quality. I hired an HVAC professional to service our air conditioner, and after a careful cleaning and inspection, he suggested that the duct system was the concern. He discovered that the air ducts were hiding a large amount of mold, dust, dirt, and other contaminants. The buildup was blocking airflow and forcing the air conditioner to run longer to reach thermostat settings, reducing energy efficiency and causing higher utility bills. I was concerned that the contaminants within the duct system would become airborne, get circulated throughout the house, and lead to health problems. My daughter was already battling with allergy symptoms, so I realized we needed to have the air ducts cleaned immediately. The HVAC technician brought in a tool that looked like an industrial sized vacuum cleaner. The long hose had an attached brush that fit into the duct system, effectively scrubbing and sucking up pollutants. It was completed in a couple of hours, and there was no mess or damage. It was reasonably priced, and was definitely cost-effective. Since having the air ducts professionally cleaned, I’m spending less monthly on temperature control, and my house is cleaner, healthier, and much more comfortable.

ductwork cleaning

A/C in hospitals for air quality

I always wondered why hospitals have such intense A/C. It just never made sense to me. Why would they want their patients freezing cold? I always felt like I would get sick after being at the doctor’s or hospital. It always seemed so unclean and abnormally cold. My natural curiosity prompted me to do some research on it. I was actually surprised at what I found out. The temperature on the hospital thermostat is regulated. It is absolutely not one particular doctor that loves cooling. The hospital in itself must keep within the climate control range of 65 degrees or lower. The explanation for the cold temperatures is very smart. The indoor air quality is affected by how hot the room is. If the hospital was extremely warm, more bacteria would be in the air. This is bad for open wounds and patients. Also warmer air tends to be more moist. Humidity in the air is not good for a hospital. Wet, warm places experience mold, mildew and fungi growth. Can you imagine how bad this would be for the patients? So the air conditioning is made to kill the bacteria in the air quality. Another reason for the AC is stop sweating. The doctors can’t sweat and hinder patient health. Most medical tools emit warmth when they are used. So the cooling system was made to keep your doctor cold and efficient. So the A/C is really all made for keeping the air cleaner and fresher. Which this then will keep you healthy and bacteria free. Why can’t we have blankets then in the hospital?


Where should my radiant heater go?

I have given up looking for someone to marry and spend the rest of my life with. My best friend Johnny is the closest thing to love I am going to get. Sure, Johnny does not do it for me romantically. However, Johnny is a ton of fun, cooks amazing meals and we are cousins. So it is all in the family. Johnny and I made a decision to rent a sweet house together and split the bills. Our new home don’t come with HVAC however. So now we get to decide what we want to do for heating and cooling. Choosing an air conditioner was simple. We both did not want to have ductwork installation and cleaning. So we went with using a ductless mini split air conditioner. You can attach multiple indoor air handlers in the home. Each room can have different amounts of A/C in them. This creates HVAC zone control and is great for your bill. We only got a ductless A/C unit. Now we want something for heating. I am looking into heated floors. I wanted to put the radiant heater in our upstairs. That way our bedrooms and the bathroom would be heated. How great would heated floors be in the bathroom? Johnny says that makes no sense you are already heated in the shower. He wants the radiant flooring downstairs. He wants the living room and kitchen heated since there is mainly tile there. Where can we put the heating system? What location makes the most sense?


Forced air HVAC

When my spouse and I built our home, we thought we’d install a forced air HVAC system. We liked the capability to have both heating and cooling, with contributed equipment. Plus, the furnace would manage to handling the severe winter weather in this area. Because of advances with technology, modern air conditioners and furnaces are extremely energy efficient. These systems right now feature adaptable-speed operation, which allows the equipment to automatically adjust capacity to the changing needs of your home. It gradually slows and accelerates to maintain perfect temperature regularly, and uses far less electrical power. Where once air conditioners and furnaces had been single stage units, and either ran at maximum capacity or closed off completely, modern alternatives can operate anywhere between forty and completely full capacity. Very seldom does your home require either the heating or even cooling unit to blast at maximum speed. By adapting speed gradually every day, the system provides superior dehumidification inside the summer and is less about to overly dry out the air within the winter. The HVAC equipment makes much less noise, and experiences less wear and tear. It should operate more reliably and last months. When having this kind of HVAC system installed, it is super important to have is sized properly. If the furnace or air conditioner is too big for the space, the equipment cannot achieve optimum efficiency ratings. Generally if the HVAC equipment is too small within the space, it will struggle in order to satisfy demand. I am hoping to locate a reliable HVAC contractor to overcome the sizing and installation job. I want to get all sorts of things right, so that my completely new house is perfectly comfortable.

central heating and cooling

Getting cooling installed

I reside in an area where the summer season is typically short. We only enjoy around three months of hot weather, where we’re not getting a break. But the temperature can climb up into the high nineties, and the humidity is often unbearable. The house gets extremely overheated and sticky, and it’s impossible to build any comfort. Although we open windows and run box fans, it’s difficult to sleep at evening time. I have never bothered with air conditioning, because it seemed just like a frivolous investment. Central air conditioning is costly to obtain, install, and operate. I have just recently decided to get an estimate from my local HVAC designer and installer. I am tired of experiencing the heat and humidity. Together with the windows open, lots of dust, pollen, and bugs get in the house. Plus, we’re exposed to nasty exhaust fumes, traffic noises, along with the security risk. I have executed some research, and there are Energy Star qualified air conditioners using SEER ratings above 20%. These system retain the monthly electric bills quite low, despite the fact that they are maintaining perfect comfort. Modern air conditioners characteristically have adaptable speeds, which allows the system to work for longer cycles at lower speeds. This achieves greater dehumidification without overcooling the environment. The central air conditioner will be installed hopefully this coming spring. The HVAC contractor has promised to complete the project quickly, so that I won’t need to get myself in too much upheaval. I already have a forced air furnace which has a duct system, so it shouldn’t be too complex of an process. The air conditioner will be associated with my smart thermostat, which will gladly let me access the controls from this smartphone and computer.

air purification