Trying to not be overheated

It looks like the place I am most at peace has reached the shore. I know that the majority of people vacation by the ocean with the sun and the sand. They love laying out in the warmth of the sun all day long whilst getting a great tan. I am the polar antipode. During the heat of the day, I spend my time either inside the shade of a palm tree reading or inside our home with the air conditioning running. I only hate being hot. I rise early so that I may well sit outside, enjoy my caffeine, and take in the view and also the cool ocean breeze that hits. The smell of the air is just heavenly. By late morning the oxygen starts to heat up for the day and I retreat back inside. I spend the day puttering around and wait for the sun to start to set. I may take a drive into town and visit some local shops assuming they are air conditioned but most of the time I am somewhat of a hermit in the day. Once the sun sets, I take walks over the beach or head back to town have fun in the nightlife. People who vacation within the beach are so much fun to hold out with and talk to. The area vendors stay late so they can always see them whether it is cool and comfortable out. I am grateful that I am able to to live in such a good place. I am more grateful that I have an awesome HVAC system that keeps me comfortable during the awesome sunny days. Very rarely do I need to have the heat on. In the winter we have very delicate temperatures. I do have one or two portable heaters that I can use provided it gets too chilly in our house but that is a rarity beyond doubt.thermostat

Servicing my heating system

My husband is very excited to be heading to the state park for a fishing trip in a couple weeks. It has been an extremely tough summer and I shall get away. The idea of sitting close to the water with a fishing pole on hand, soaking up the sun, along with enjoying the view, seems like perfection in my experience. We are going with my husband’s aunt and uncle for the three day trip. The only thing I am concerned about is the weather. The long range forecast is normally calling for sun and mid 70’s in the daytime but mid 50’s at the event. The cabin we are renting doesn’t have any heat other than the chimney. I am used to my HVAC system that keeps me cool or warm with regards to the weather. I guess I am spoiled in that I can control my home’s temperatures with the push of a button. We even have Smart Thermostats so that we can change the temperature while we’re away with our phones. Being addicted to technology helps it be difficult to imagine trying to keep the fire going during the night time to stay warm. Although I am greatly anxious about spending time with my husband within the quiet surroundings- I am anxious within the other parts of the visit. I will make the best of it as I am certain we do not fully grasp this opportunity to escape very much usually. Hoping to catch some fish and at least be able to have a fresh fish dinner one of the nights. That is always a treat.

heater repair 

There’s some bad smells in here

I have previously said, my kids sometimes have to come to my place of employment with me. It’s not the most ideal thing, but it has to get done. Every once and awhile, my girl has a meeting in the city and can’t take the two of them. So on this day, my significant other has dinner with some of her clients around 5. I came home to grab the kids and took them to my job site. My youngest had been able to poop in his diaper within the time I picked him till very close to the time we arrived there. It usually is fine, but I just now changed him. So I change him and hand the dirty diaper to my oldest son to throw in the garbage. He couldn’t find that garbage, so he thought to put it behind the HVAC unit in front of the wall. He was too scared to ask the owners in the entrance. Some days passed after the installation of their HVAC zone control and then the client called back about a smell. They said it was based on their heating and cooling. In that time period, I couldn’t imagine what it could be. So I went back, and I checked their furnace. There is nothing. I checked their air conditioner component and again there seems to be nothing. Finally I checked this HVAC equipment itself. There has been the dirty diaper, right near to the air intake. I couldn’t imagine it. I apologized to the owners of the house. They were pretty mad that an HVAC technician would bring his kids to work from the outset. I offered them a free HVAC tune-up. They seemed to be happy and promised not to put a bad review about my HVAC Company on the internet.

professional HVAC 

My new HVAC system

Not long ago I began writing about my day at my job. I started my line of work about 3 years in the past. I was a screw up in up until high school graduation. I never really cared a lot of about my grades, so I didn’t head off to college. My girlfriend got pregnant right after we graduated high school. We had to stay with my parents and postpone moving into our own place. But recently, I decided to go to a trade school to study something that could probably make me some money. After I got my diploma from the school, I moved back home and started my personal HVAC business. My parents helped my girlfriend and I transfer to a good house and my HVAC Company is doing pretty good. Since I was the only HVAC technician in our community, I received a lot of business in a short time. I started doing about 10 HVAC tune-ups a day . After a while I had been doing mainly HVAC contracts along with different companies that needed heating and cooling established. I would find large eating venue chains that needed new HVAC zone control installed or even just a new air conditioner. Before long, my HVAC Company became well known in the neighborhood. It’s really important to get their HVAC equipment fixed when the idea happens. No one wants to be part way through the winter without a furnace. My HVAC Company has grown considerably larger since we started 36 months ago. We have added lots more HVAC technicians and even an HVAC contractor. My girlfriend and I now take over two children and could not be happier working in the HVAC industry.

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There’s so many bad temperature pockets

I’ve a friend named Lindsey who can be a complete idiot. She is an extremely nice, sweet, and genuine person, and I love her dearly. Unfortunately, her brain is about the size of a peanut. I don’t have a clue how she manages to find her way to work everyday and hold down employment. When her monthly electric bills were insanely high, I learned that she was running the air conditioner while leaving the windows open. When her furnace refused to crank up, I had to explain how to change the air filter. Lindsey recently called me in a panic, convinced that she must be haunted by a bunch ghosts in her home. She told me she had been reading up on ghosts, and that cold spots and drafts are indicators to a spiritual presence. I went over to her house to check out these so-called ghosts. Lindsey kept me up all night, walking me from room to room to feel the temperature fluctuations. By morning, I was super tired but nevertheless unconvinced. I decided to get in touch with an HVAC specialist to assist with the problem. The HVAC technician inspected her air conditioning equipment, along with her duct system. He said that there seemed to be a buildup of dust and contaminants inside the inner workings because Lindsey had never scheduled annual maintenance. Her HVAC system has been installed for ten years and the had never been properly cleaned. The air was not circulating properly, and her HVAC system has been running constantly. It was certainly causing unnecessarily high energy bills, along with drafts and cold spots in a variety of rooms. Once the HVAC technician performed a radical tune-up, the ghosts in her house suddenly disappeared. Lindsey told me she thought that the HVAC technician had probably frightened them away.

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I’m going to spend a weekend away

My boyfriend and I both have stressful jobs, and we work exceptionally hard. During the week, we barely see each other, and usually one of us is committed to work on the weekend. By the evenings, we are so exhausted that we barely speak. We finally decided that we needed to take a long weekend away together. It had been several years since our previous vacation, and we definitely needed some time to relax and reconnect. We were able to rent a little cabin overlooking a lake and drove there early Friday morning. Since we’d gotten such a deal on the cabin, I was not expecting anything luxurious. The log cabin was small, clean, and incredibly modern inside. All of the appliances and furnishings appeared brand spanking new, and the place had radiant flooring installed throughout. I had never experienced radiant floors previous to this trip, and it was quite a delicacy. Even though the weather outside was well below freezing, my boyfriend and I walked around barefoot all weekend. I loved getting out of bed and stepping upon a wonderfully warm floor. I was surprised to learn that radiant flooring managed to warm the entire cottage comfortably. I also appreciated that the heat was evenly distributed from corner to corner. There were no drafts, temperature swings, or noisy heating equipment using space. My husband and I hated to leave at the end of the weekend and return to our regular, hectic lifestyles. We both decided that we should take vacations more often, and we want to get radiant flooring installed in our home at once.

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Let’s get a new boiler

A couple of years ago, my sister and I opened a ballet studio back in our hometown. We were operating on a very limited budget, so we looked for an inexpensive building that we could afford. We ended up purchasing an older building located in the city center, with off-street parking and a lot of space. The building had been left vacant for about eight years, and needed quite a lot of work to convert it into a functional studio. My sister and I were most worried with the aging boiler heating system we found in the basement. We knew when the boiler failed, it would surely cost us a lot of money to replace. If the boiler malfunctioned, we were afraid we wouldn’t be able to find replacement parts. The boiler looked to be a century old, and yet it started up and heated the studio to a comfortable temperature very quickly. We expected our heating bills to get insanely high, but the boiler turned out to be quite energy efficient. It also operated quietly and supplied an exceedingly gentle, evenly dispersed heat. We’re located in an area with very severe winter months, and the temperatures often go down well below zero. Despite some extremely cold days, the boiler has kept up with demand with ease. After three years, my sister and I aren’t expecting the boiler to stop. I don’t think that boiler will ever need to be replaced. It is absolutely the most effective feature of the building, and I wish I had a boiler installed in my own house.

boiler installation 

Keeping the HVAC system on

I reside in an area that suffers severe storms despite the different times of the year. We’ve had brutal blizzards piling up feet of snow and subzero temperatures even during spring, fall, and winter. We’ve had thunderstorms with torrential downpours and strong winds in the spring, summer, and fall. Extreme weather is the absolute worst time to get through without electricity. We rely on electricity to control flooding by running the sump pump. We need power to operate our HVAC system and keep a comfortable temperature at home. Without air conditioning or a working refrigerator in the summer, we risk of food spoilage, the increase of mold and bacteria, and additionally heatstroke. Without a working furnace during wintertime, the water pipes may very well freeze and burst, and require a stay in a hotel. It’s also inconvenient to operate without running water, lights, in addition to our various electronics. After suffering from a week of no electric power one summer, my husband and I decided to invest in a standby generator. We were fortunate that our HVAC company specializes in power generator installation. They provided a free of cost estimate, helped us decide on how large the unit, and they achieved a safe installation. If the power should go out, the generator automatically gains control and powers the entire residence. We can run the furnace, air conditioner, and all of our necessary appliances. We can always shower, do laundry, and check out what’s on television. I no longer spend time worrying about water pipes freezing, the basement flooding, or being forced out of my home all because of subzero temperatures. The generator was rather expensive, but I feel it’s actually a worthwhile investment.home-comfort

Air quality tips

I’ve suffered from allergies my entire life. At certain times during the year, my symptoms are so bad that I cannot leave the house. I have missed countless days of school and work because of my allergies. I suffer through horrible headaches, congestion, sneezing, breathing problems, sore throats, and itchy vision. I hate the spring and summer seasons due to all the pollen floating around in the air. It is necessary to keep the windows closed and use an air conditioner. I make sure to achieve the air conditioner being professionally maintained every spring to eradicate any mold, mildew, or bacteria within the cooling coils. During the winter weather, running the furnace can be a huge problem. A forced air furnace tends to introduce dust and other toxic contamination into my breathing air. While mentioning my issues with allergen hypersensitivity to my HVAC contractor, he recommended the investment of an air purifier. The air purifier has completely changed my existence. It has done more to improve my health than the many medications I take. The air purifier is incorporated directly into the air handler of the HVAC system. It works constantly, with the furnace or air conditioner running or not, and clears the indoor air eight times every hour. It removes airborne microbes, dust, and even fumes, keeping my house much cleaner. Because of the air purifier, my house actually is protecting against allergic reactions instead of making them even worse. It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside, my house is thoroughly a perfectly comfortable, clean, and healthy environment.

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Our cabin

Last night, my whole family went out for supper to celebrate my son’s twenty-seventh year. We chose a very luxurious and expensive restaurant, and all of us got dressed up. The guys wore suits and ties, and every one of the girls wore cocktails dresses along with heels. The restaurant was definitely beautiful with crystal chandeliers, a lot of twinkle lights, and marble sculptures. It was also freezing inside. Since it is the tail end of September, the outside temperature is warm though not overly so. I did not expect the restaurant to remain running their air conditioner at full blast. The freezing cold air was shooting down onto our table from a vent located directly above all of us. I was delighted by the restaurant’s cloth napkins because I used them to create a blanket over my legs. We wore my husband’s suit coat over my dress, yet still shivered. Not only was the air conditioner making everyone uncomfortable, it was also rather loud. We weren’t able to carry on a conversation unless we shouted. We asked our waiter if there was any possibility of turning the air conditioner down, and he promised he would look after it. I don’t think he did anything at all, because that stupid air conditioner blasted throughout the entire meal. We decided to skip dessert to make our way out of that restaurant. We decided to buy a cake at a food market so we could take it home to enjoy it. As soon as we arrived at the house, I turned on the heat, so that we all finally thawed out. My whole family agreed that our dinner would have been better off ordering pizza for my son’s latest birthday celebration.

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