The thermostat batteries are dead

I was really mad at my thermostat the other day. It made me feel like such an idiot because I was upset for hours on end. My heater would just not first start up for me. I wanted the heating system on since it was cold and the middle of winter. I tried and I tried to update the temperature on the thermostat. I tried while using wireless remote and then I finally had get up to try to alter the temperature. However nothing seemed to work. I started freaking out on the subject of my furnace. Was it destroyed? Was there a major maintenance needed or was the furnace finally letting go? I worried about how much a heater repair was going to cost me or perhaps completely new heating installation. Also I really did not want to choose a new system to replace the only one I already liked. The main problem though was that it was winter and I had no supply of heat. In a panic I called my husband and was on the brink of tears. He came back to the house on his lunch break and tinkered around. Turns out it was not my heating system that was busted. There was no ruined part or anything. It was actually the thermostat that had the issue. The thermostat repair that I was forced to make? The thermostat’s batteries were dead and had to be replaced. After putting in two batteries the heater turned back on and all was well. I felt like silly for calling my life partner and having him change batteries.

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My family is used to the inferior drainage

I hate the drains in my house. I know it is an odd thing to really detest, but I do. I hate that no water ever will go down my drains. If I will the sink with water from the faucet, then I am stuck with that water forever. It takes it forever to slowly swirl and go down the drains. After a shower I am left in about a foot of standing water. The water is grimey and also leaves soap scum since it takes it so long to go down the pipes. Also the water tends to further clog the shower drain. My toilets, do not even get me started. If I dare use more than one square of paper, it is clogged. The toilet rarely will flush anything down. Everyday at least one member of the family has to plunge. It is not even just the upstairs toilet. Both upstairs and downstairs have inferior flushing toilets. I am wondering what the plumbing error is. Do I have miniscule piping? Perhaps the pipes are so small that only one square of paper and a cup of water can fit down them. Maybe the piping is super rusted and damaged. Maybe it needs to be replaced by a plumbing contractor. I have tried drain cleaners and snaking down the piping. Nothing seems to do the trick. I know what I need to do. I need to call a plumbing company and have a plumber over to fix our drainage issues. I just don’t want to spend the time, effort and money on drainage however.

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HVAC equipment is crucial

I once decided to attend a music festival during a hot summer month. We were excited to experience a nice outdoor festival in some warm climate but knew that retreating from an air conditioned hotel room each evening was essential for staying the entirety of the festival. After being outside inside the smoldering heat all day, there was nothing more relieving than entering a cool, air-conditioned hotel room. The first night we went to the hotel, the air conditioning unit was a saving grace. The HVAC unit in that hotel room was crucial in our capability to stay all four days within the festival. On the second day of the festival we returned to our room only to find that the HVAC unit had been turned off. The room was muggy and humid, and the temperature was remarkably hot. The temperature was simply not bearable and the air conditioning had been broken. We called the front desk, and they stated that they were having difficulty with the heavy use of most HVAC units in the hotel. The hotel room did not have any large windows so there was no ventilation. Air conditioning was the only option for surviving the evening inside the room. The HVAC unit was covered in dust, and yes it was clear that the system hadn’t been serviced by a HVAC technician for many years. After many complaints to the staff at the desk, the hotel stated that their own HVAC provider would not be capable of service the air conditioning unit until after the festival. We were disappointed. To our great dismay, we had no choice but to leave our festival early. I now am aware that staying in a hotel with an updated and serviced HVAC unit will be the main priority when booking some sort of hotel for multiple nights over the summer months.

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All the tourist attractions in Hanover, Pennsylvania

When my hubby plus I were traveling across country by motorcycle, both of us ended up passing through Hanover, Pennsylvania.  Of course we were not planning on staying in Hanover, however both of us ended up spending an overnight there.  Strictly by chance, both of us discovered the Markets at Hanover, which is a good experience.  There are several particular   vendors, wonderful shops, wineries, plus pizzerias.  I fell deeply for a little sewing shop that had an abundance of particular   gifts that were perfect to bring to the new home.  I was amazed by the amount of fresh produce available, plus later found out that the Markets at Hanover has won the reader’s choice for the freshest produce in the area.  I was unquestionably interested in the Amish built crafts plus furnishings, although I couldn’t buy anything.  There’s no way to bring a hand-crafted home office table to a new home on a motorcycle.  When it comes to food, the Markets at Hanover have appeal for everyone.  I was gleeful to finally try the Vietnamese dish Pho, pizza, Korean, plus Mexican food.  Since there is multiple different pizzerias, both of us couldn’t try everything.  All of us did, however make time to visit the two local wineries, savor wine tasting, plus purchased a couple of locally made bottles.  All of us also stopped at a gourmet olive oil tasting room that offered a hundred varieties.  The restrooms were unquestionably clean, all of the merchants were friendly, plus both of us had a wonderful time exploring the Markets at Hanover.  All of us would be absolutely joyful to go back again someday.

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My space heater saved me

I am always reminded of the time I was poor when I see space heaters. In college I rented an apartment and shared it with a good buddy of mine. His name was Nick. We had to be overly frugal with everything. We barely had food to eat and water to drink.I constantly took napkins, condiments and cheap silverware from any eatery we happened to be at. I walked anywhere I needed to be rather than drove to help save on the expense of gas. I worked at the local mall store Hot Topic and took any hours they were able to give me. Another thing Nick and I needed to watch was our heating and cooling. We couldn’t afford to own a central HVAC system. The apartment complex was in a slum and they didn’t have any heater or air conditioner unit. We were on our. Our budget did not allow us to purchase a heating and air conditioning system of which probably needed ductwork and other expensive stuff. We barely could afford to live so heating and AC was not that important. In the summer you just made due with open windows and box fans. In the winter Nick and I used three space heaters. We kept one in the bathroom, only to be used when you shower or to keep pipes from freezing. We each had a space heater in our individual bedrooms. If we both were in the living room, we would grab our little heater and used it there too. We shut all windows and doors to seal in the heat. It did not cost much but it was the only way we could afford to have heat.

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My indoor air just isn’t clean enough

My parents stay the night at my house twice every year. They come to my home for Christmas and to celebrate my birthday. These two days and nights are the most stressful during the year. My parents all picky on the they want when they come over. They are retired, wealthy and very snobby. So the things in my house have to meet their extreme expectations. I change the sheets in my guest room to more expensive, better quality sheets. The hand towels are always brand new and washed. My entire house has to be scrubbed. They are seriously convinced that the air quality is critical to their day to day lives. My father is allergic to basically every animal I have. So my dogs are kept outside and I work on removing pet dander. Mother is allergic to dust. For that, I have to make a call for ductwork cleaning along with HVAC service. The air filters are changed and the HVAC has to be scrubbed. It takes me a week to work before they come to get rid of smells, dust and potential allergens. Air quality is not something I normally worry about. I now replace my usual air filters with much more expensive filters. HEPA filters are better for dust, debris and pet dander. It ensures cleaner and fresher indoor air and my parents say they notice a better air quality. All I notice is a change in price of the HEPA environment filters. I love them but it’s a pain to entertain them for those two days and nights.

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Taking care of the air conditioner

My better half, my husband is a Marine and he frequently receives orders to go on deployment. Before he leaves home, there are certain chores he addresses for me. I handle everything that concerns our kids. I make sure they’ve got appropriate school clothes, lunches and are ready for their various sport activities. My husband handles all the household tasks that I am not comfortable with addressing or simply don’t want to do. He pressure washes our entire house, mows the lawn and clears the gutters. He also handle many of the plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling issues. Always without fail my husband makes sure to contact a HVAC business to take a look at our unit. We are never told how long he will be gone on any deployment. So we always get HVAC service before he leaves for that deployment. This ensures our heater and air conditioner is able  to handle any of the seasons he isn’t home. I am happy he does all this for me. I do not want to be bothered with a heater repair along with the kids and my career. I do not want to mess around with refrigerant and air filters while using A/C during a time I may have parent teacher conferences scheduled. My husband ensures the thermostat has fresh batteries and is capable of HVAC zone control. It is nice that he looks after our very basic needs before he fights for our country. We have heat, AC, electricity and plumbing addressed before he leaves. If necessary, I could take care of any troubles that arise. Then when he comes home from his deployment, he does it again.

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the best in heating

My loving partner Ted is quite handy when it comes to working with tools and his hands. Since he is so crafty, every year for Valentine’s Day, I ask for something handmade. He’s made me a headboard and an end table. One year I wanted a fireplace for our den. We already own an efficient heat system. We use a gas heater if it gets cold or space heaters when we just need a small amount of heat. A fireplace is not needed. But I really love the structure of them and I want it as a visual addition. I told him that it wasn’t necessary for it to work. But Ted started to work on it immediately and made a beautiful fake fireplace. He made if from a spectacular piece of wood. There’s intricate wood designs on the sides and looks so beautiful in our house. We have a cabin theme in our home and the fireplace just adds the perfect touch to it. My husband even got the fireplace to work and it can be used as our primary heating system. I was so excited for it to get cold and then use it. Ironically, we had a truly light winter this year so we didn’t get to use my new fireplace once. We only needed our space heaters a few days. This winter I was ready to use the heating system. Unfortunately this winter has been mild in temperature. There is no need to use the gas furnace, heating elements or my beautiful fireplace.

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We don’t need air ducts anymore

Concerns about my weight and health have lasted my entire life. I really don’t have the motivation to do anything about it. I really don’t have the willpower to eat a better diet or anything healthy. I have noticed I have put on a huge amount of weight. My doctor also informed me I needed to get my weight down since it is now becoming a problem with my health. So I have made a concentrated effort to eat better. I joined Weight Watchers and I count my points. It is absolutely helping me and I love working the program with my sister. Exercising is still something that has always bothered me. I hate being tired and sweaty. I never make plans to walk on the treadmill or use my exercise bike. I have to carry a rag with me to wipe the huge amounts of sweat away. Nobody wants to do that all day. My sister researched and found a great solution. She told me to purchase a cooling system specifically for my exercise room. I had an air conditioner installed only in the room with my treadmill and my stationary bike. I use a ductless mini split to only cool that one room. Since it only cools usually the one area, it is not expensive. The AC system doesn’t even use traditional ductwork. It was an easy cooling system installation and it works great. I love having the ability to work out in room with climate control. I do not mind my exercises anymore seeing that I have a great A/C system in the room with me.

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Some places require A/C

Most people agree the United States of America is a very diverse place. The climate can change drastically from state to state. The north normally has cooler temperatures, especially in the winter months and snow is a common occurrence. The southern is closer to the equator and normally has a warmer climate. My childhood years were spent in an area farther north so we experienced all four seasons of the year. Because the seasonal temperatures vary so drastically, almost all homes have a HVAC system to keep their homes comfortable. In summer months it was not uncommon for the heat to be so high people would have heat stroke. This made air conditioners a common feature in homes. My air conditioner was used every day in the summer and sometimes in the fall or spring. These seasons are much different in the north and temperatures change rapidly. My furnace is something I use consistently in this changing climate. I see my heater as a privilege and a necessity during the winter. Temps get low enough that people get frostbite with just minutes spent outdoors. Considering the value my fingers and feet bring to my life, my furnace is always serviced to operate perfectly, especially in power outages. I imagine that in some areas of the country feel that an air conditioning unit would is just as important to avoid heat stroke during the summer and other parts of the year. Due to the varying climates throughout the US, heating and cooling systems can be not only convenient, but a necessity.

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