This HVAC system is really damaged

We’d just left the amusement park on a Saturday afternoon. It was the most fun we’ve had as a family in quite a long time. My wife was next to me in the truck and the kids were already asleep in the back. All of the sudden the highway came a complete stop. We weren’t even moving a bit. I got out of our car to go check and see what had happened. It was strange we weren’t moving. It seems that the accident had just happened. A large truck fell over and crashed into a wall. It seemed to have spilled its contents on the highway. That would explain why not a soul was moving. After though it looked like a police officer came by to help the situation. The cop surely could move some of the stuff spilled, and we started moving a bit. As we drove by, we realized it was an HVAC Company truck that crashed. There was HVAC equipment spewed out around the highway. I could see an air conditioner, a furnace, even a whole HVAC zone control unit in the bushes. His HVAC business is going to be really upset with him. The HVAC technician driving must have fallen asleep at the wheel. It’s kind of bad but this reminded me that I need to call and see my HVAC contractor. I need him to come and do an HVAC tune-up at my home. In this event, it doesn’t look like anybody got hurt and we ended up on our way. We weren’t going to cry over broken heating and cooling appliances. The guy who owns this HVAC Company might, but we were just happy no one got hurt.furnace-service

This girl seems to be happy

Me and my girl, Bree live in a rustic old house in great condition apart from a very old furnace. This furnace despite it’s age works quite nicely and is not as efficient as one might expect. This is part to my tireless maintenance with the thing, I check it often and clean it if I can when we have it going, which is only during the winter. Every fall when we look to get it going I’ve got to run diagnostics on it and it set to run just as before. My girlfriend joked that I will in fact be a HVAC restoration man myself. My trade is just that of an mechanic and I pride myself in being able to fix most things. This furnace is a huge learning experience and on an annual basis it seems to present me with a fresh challenge. So this year in particular after not too long of fall, my girlfriend decided to give it a go while I was at work. While I can’t fault her for trying, this was an unadvisable act and she learned that the hard way. Needless to say, about by the time I got there she was covered in soot and sobbing within the basement. I obviously feared the worst, but luckily she wasn’t hurt, just upset that she had broken it. I gave it a look and at that time I could tell there was no chance that I could fix this particular furnace now. So I called a heating and cooling specialist and together me and him made it possible to devise a repair plan but he informed me the money it would cost me that I may as well just get a new system. I believed that he was right, this furnace was older than me and it deserved a rest. So we had our new system install the other week, I dried Bree’s tears and we had a great, warm winter.

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This heated flooring really feels great

Several years ago me and my partner thought to ditch our noisy furnace and had radiant floors installed. All the research that we did proclaimed that radiant flooring was an electricity saver and more efficient. All signs pointed to it being a great investment, and generally we did find this being the case. However there are some little quirks by it that no one tells most people about. It is fairly efficient exactly where HVAC systems are concerned, but its distribution is not really as even as one would think. It heated the lower floors just fine but the upstairs heating was intermittent at best. After a couple of years of relying solely on HVAC we encountered the worst case scenario associated with a hydronic floor. We were gone for the weekend out of town and left our floor on low to keep the house from freezing in place. To our great consternation when we returned to our home that’s when it had happened. The heating aspect in our supposedly amazing hydronic floor had broken. It must have went right after we had left because when we returned the whole floor was frozen. When I say it was frozen, I mean it honestly was frozen. The water that gets pumped through the floor had frozen solid, this meant that prior to the thaw our amazing heated surface was a cooling floor. It was so regretful, It couldn’t be a worse situation to come home to and after the investment we made, we were stuck for it. Our HVAC provider did send an HVAC repairman and this individual confirmed our fears, he could fix the pump and the element but it wouldn’t be until after the thaw. It was the longest winter our lives.hvac-maintenance-plan

An awesome heater and air conditioner

We love to get in the car and drive. My son is not as much of a fan of this as we are. Our new car is so very comfortable. The seats are comfortable even on long trips. There is satellite radio that keeps the whole family entertained. The best thing about our new car is that it has an awesome heater and air conditioner especially in comparison to the one we had in our old car. The heater and air conditioner inside our old vehicle was an old-style one with knobs to change everything. It only had air vents in the front seat area. It was hard to find a comfortable temperature in that old car. The new car carries a fancy heater and air conditioner. It works just like the thermostat in our house. You select a digital screen to adjust the temperature to the exact temperature you want. I need this because I can keep the car the same temperature as the house. When you adjust the temperature it’s going to keep the car that temperature whether it is heating or air conditioning. You can also adjust the fan and the program will come on at an increased speed for times like when you get into the car after it is hot. I also like that this system has air vents in the back seat and also the front seat so my son is happy. Maybe with this new heating and cooling system in the car he will learn to like long drives.


My annual service is a smart decision

Each year we spend a great deal of time doing spring cleaning. We clear away things and scrub the whole house. This time of year is mostly a time of purging and decluttering as we get ready for summer. During the fall we spend a significant period readying our home for winter weather. We cover the pipes to protect them from freezing temperatures. During spring and fall an additional task is preparing our heating and cooling system for the coming seasons. This routine maintenance two times per year helps making sure that our HVAC system will be equipped for the extreme heat of summer along with the frigid cold of winter. The routine maintenance is relatively inexpensive for the secure feeling it brings. The HVAC repairman checks the entire system completely to make sure everything is working properly. He also will replace the air filter and check into our systems UV light. He checks the drainage for our heater and air conditioner and ensures nothing is clogged and the condensation is draining properly. He also cleans within the HVAC system. The technician checks the thermostat and guarantees it is controlling everything perfectly. We have a contract for it that allows us to get a discount on any additional repairs through the year and makes both our check-ups slightly cheaper. Without this routine service we might have more potential for real problems through the coldest night of winter or the hottest day of summer. The routine tune-ups help find any issues while they are still small. This routine service is incredible.air-and-heat-service

Choosing when I’ll get control of my HVAC

I’ve been working from home for a while now, and I have to say it truly is nice not having to drive anywhere in order to get work done. There are some downsides to working from home, like really having to manage your time wisely which is often difficult at times. Also, it can be hard to stay on track if you have so many things you need to do around your house. In my estimation though, the pros definitely outweigh the cons of not working from home. I love that fact I can work in my PJ’s if I wish to, or go out and run errands and then return to work. I also love the fact that I get to spend every single day with my puppy. She keeps me company and makes working much more enjoyable. I can take a break and head outside to play with her whenever I want! But, I think my favorite part about working from my home is having full control over my thermostat every day! It never fails, when I visit a coffee shop occasionally or a library to get work done, I am more often than not freezing cold. Everybody always has their air conditioning full blast and I’m able to only take so much of this freezing cold air. So, working from home I can work comfortably inside temperature I choose to set my thermostat on that morning. If it’s a cooler day, I can make it warmer inside my house, and if it’s warmer I’m able to turn the A/C on higher. All in all, working from my home is a win/win for me!

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Turning up the air conditioning unit

Temperature control is overrated I think. When I was a boy, instead of air conditioning we had a large assortment of electric fans in our house. Our car had forty-five air conditioning, which meant you had your four windows down and then drove forty five miles per hour. I know everybody nowadays has a central heating and air conditioning system in their home which costs them so much on their utility bill that they must have two people in the home working just to afford that. I have a good HVAC system around my house, complete with an indoor air handler and a patio condenser or heat pump as a general rule people know it as. Usually I prefer to just open the windows in the summertime and put on some warm clothing inside the winter when I can. I set the temperature right on my smart thermostat nice and low in the summertime when I have relatives stay at my house sometimes. I want them to be comfortable, but as soon as they simply are gone I throw open the windows and turn the A/C off just to save on my utility bill for the month. Going one year I had to stay over and we happened to have a day trip and I forgot to turn up the A/C temperature once we were gone. But not to worry at all, I just took out my mobile and logged into my smart thermostat and turned the air conditioning temperature up thus it wouldn’t waste any energy while I was gone. I guess you can actually say I am rather cheap but I like to use the word “frugal” as it has a better sound to it

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Central heating equipment tips

I may possibly have a friend who has a row of solar power systems directly in his backyard. He says they generate enough power to run his central heating and his air conditioning system in his home. I was a bit skeptical about that so he gave me a tour of his system too. She has an A/C air handler in the hallway and then a heat pump in the back, just like what you would expect from an HVAC heating and cooling system. I thought such a system would use a lot of electricity that she would have to use the normal utility source running it. But she said the HVAC contractor assured her that she could generate enough power with the solar panels to run the entire home, including the HVAC system. I was there when her HVAC provider came by to so a complete tune up on the A/C and heating unit. He brought a brand new smart thermostat with him along while we talked to him where he installed it. He said the smart thermostat will allow my neighbor to control his A/C and heat with a remote via his mobile or laptop computer. I joked with him and said someday you will encounter a button in your car that you can use to access your HVAC thermostat even. I am kind of old fashioned and I prefer a simple thermostat that just has a temperature control and an on and off switch right there. If I had a good thermostat, I would have to take a course at an HVAC trade school just to discover how to use it for myself! I am glad my neighbor will use his solar panels to run his home heating and air conditioning system but it truly is way too high tech for me to even think about.

Sometimes it’s hot and cold

I spent my childhood years at the local mall. It was the main hangout for everyone that I knew. Even if you had no intention to buy anything it was a great location to walk around and research the various stores. I used to go there a lot and would go to the food court with a hot mug of coffee or visit the bookstore to evaluate the new releases that were coming out. I could spend all day long there with no real objective, just walking around until something caught my eye. There was a great sized arcade, plenty of top quality clothing outlets, and a wide selection of other shops. I’d sometimes run across people I knew there and we’d chat for a bit before going our separate ways. It was a great place in the community. However, the temperature of the building always bothered me much. From one side of the mall to the other it was like entering a fully different climate, and the temperature within the stores wasn’t any better it seemed. I’m not sure if it was as a result of a big problem with the HVAC system, or if the HVAC equipment was controlled by someone who didn’t understand what they were doing with it. The mall was never set at a comfortable temperature for me. Small sections might have been just right, but the building was either way too hot or too cold. A heating and cooling atmosphere was totally bizarre. I wish the mall had HVAC zone control during the daytime so that the temperature may just be monitored and changed throughout a building like that. Each store must also have control of its own thermostat to keep things comfortable for its potential customers. While I loved the mall, I think the only reason it got away with this poor temperature control was because there seemed to be nowhere else for people to go to enjoy themselves.

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I should stay inside

School breaks were when my family and I would take small vacations as a child. Most of the time these vacations were to theme park destinations, and I preferred them too! Nothing else can compare with the feeling of excitement you get when growing the steep incline of a good roller coaster, or the rush you acquire when going downhill right after. We’d always wake up early to venture to the park before it opened, so we would be the first people in the park, and stay out until it was almost time for everything to close completely. We were able to get a lot done in the day in such a manner, but we had a lot of time on our feet out within the heat. Some days when this took more on the toll on us, we’d go and watch the shows multiple times just so we could have a seat to sit down and relax for a bit. It was a lot better when the shows were indoors and had air conditioning to cool us off. We’d also redo the rides that were indoor attractions so that we’d be in the air conditioning while waiting within the line too. The cool air through the air conditioning was a big relief and helped us to make it through the day within the hot park. When we visited over the winter break from school, these rides were equally just the thing for the heating they offered in the event the air conditioner was switched over for a furnace due to weather changes. Despite the weather in the park, the indoor attractions remained at a comfortable temperature for guests. At some point in my well being I’d like to call on one of the amusement parks that will be completely indoors. They’re an amazing idea for comfort of the many guests.

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