HVAC and air quality

Last summer I began a new job as a receptionist for a large office building. For the first few months, I really loved everything about my job. The people ended up being friendly, the office was lovely, and the air conditioning felt divine. The building was universally temperature controlled, so it became an oasis to escape to relief to from the heat and humidity outside. I was perfectly cool and comfortable sitting at my desk all day; so much so that I would pack my lunch so there was no need to step outside until the end of the workday. When the weather changed at the beginning of fall, the HVAC system switched from air conditioning to heating. On those cold mornings, the warmth was very welcoming, and I looked forward to perfect indoor conditions all winter long. The comfort didn’t last long though, as I soon noticed I had a pain in my throat and itchy eyes. In the beginning, I thought I was becoming sick. Then nearly every day I would develop a terrible headache and a nasty cough. Finally when I got a bloody nose three days in a row, I realized that the problem was the humidity level. Because the heater was turned up so high, it had begun to dry the air out inside the office. Because of this, I had to get rid of my metal office chair because I kept getting electrical jolts. I had issues with static cling in my clothes, frizzy hair, and dehydration. It got so bad that I began to dread going to work everyday. Although the job itself was great, it was not worth the health problems that overly dry air caused me to have.zone control

There’s so many cracks in here

My wife is unable to stop worrying about germs turning our home from spotless to dirty. I personally have severe issues with allergies, and the thought of bugs in my house makes my skin crawl and my nose itch. For my wife and I’s sake, I have spent a fortune on a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, and I use it regularly. I vacuum every rug, and use the wand to scoop webs out of the tricky places in our home. I wash all of my bedding in hot water every week, hoping to kill the population of dust mites. My wife carefully cleans every surface of the home and constantly washes her hands in antibacterial soap. One of the biggest concerns we have relates to our HVAC system, which blows heated or cooled air throughout the rooms of the house. Although I have the furnace and air conditioner professionally cleaned on a yearly basis, I am convinced that this system is contaminating my indoor air quality. I imagine dust flying all over, entering my lungs, and causing me to get sick. I did some research and additionally decided that I needed to get a whole-home air purifier. The environment purifier installs directly into a HVAC system, and it actively cleans the air eight times every day. It traps pollutants that are far smaller than the head of a pin, and it kills bacteria. The air purifier not only keeps the house much cleaner, but it additionally protects the inner workings involving my HVAC system. Because our furnace and air conditioner stay clean, they operate more effectively and efficiently. My air purifier has proven already that it benefits both my health and my wallet.

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These are the best HVAC products

For quite a while now I have run our business. With progress comes responsibility I absolutely recently had to purchase an office space to cater to my dozen perhaps employees. The building I purchased was relatively old and along with a need for me to spend time redecorating, the HVAC unit was old, out-of-date and not being employed properly. I researched low price energy solutions, specifically how we could heat and cool the company while keeping utility costs down. I decided to invest in the split-ductless system. I called a nearby HVAC online business and they told me a majority of these climate conditioning units were simple and fast to install, and that they save on operating costs later on in life. The HVAC technician that inspected the home or property also talked about how split-ductless systems improve quality of air, filtering out many allergens in addition to air toxins. The best part when I previously mentioned was that this particular heating and cooling alternative would likely keep my utility costs all the way down. Owning your own business could be stressful and expensive, so it’s significant, especially as a start-up to budget money where one can. Heat and air conditioning is pumped straight into the rooms that are occupied making sure that energy is not wasted vacationing from zone to zone over the space. This little but great detail means I am wasting less money while maintaining a positive and safe work environment in case you matter most, my employees. The ductless system spent some time working great since it’s installation, the climate indoors is actually comfortable. Since I live in associated with the country that has colder winters and intensely hot summers, this is vital, keeping my employees and I safe in the elements. I would recommend this HVAC option to any private business owner looking to save money concerning utilities without sacrificing comfort.

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HVAC issues to overcome

As a little girl, I always hoped to grow up to become a princess and live in a beautiful castle. I had absolutely no idea how awful that might possibly be. Being a princess would be insanely dreadful. Living in a castle would be utterly difficult. While I’m certain there would be a wealth of closet space within a castle, it would be a remarkably long and tedious walk to get from one room to the others. With the lofty ceilings and the thick, solid walls, I can’t imagine how difficult and expensive it might be to keep the place pleasantly warm. I doubt it would be possible to institute a duct system, so a forced air system for conditioning the castle would be out of the question. A commercial boiler system could definitely handle a huge, multi-room building as well as being easily set up for zone control. It would be very economical to heat some of the rooms and not others. I doubt that all of the rooms would always be used every single day. It is unfortunate that a boiler system provides heating capability only. I think a castle would get really overheated throughout the warmer months without air conditioning of some type. I doubt that lots of portable box fans could handle the warm and muggy air inside of the castle and who would ever think that carrying a box fan up a million stairs would be fun? I suppose it just might be feasible to install a ductless air conditioner inside the castle but you’d need to drill a three-inch hole straight through an exterior wall. It would not be an easy task to drill a hole because of the thick stone walls.

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I really am too cold

I work in a very small insurance office near my home inside the rural South. There are two of us who sell insurance and an exceptional boss who isn’t afraid of pulling his own weight, which means he’s usually at the office the entire time we tend to be open. This wouldn’t be a very big kind of problem, because we really like our boss, but he can be an older and very traditional man who still wears layers of clothes whenever he is at the workplace. I respect the fact that he wears suits and jackets every day, but, for him to end up comfortable, the air conditioning must be kept on a very cold temperature, and since we have a new HVAC unit it is actually way too cold for us. My coworker and I also make an attempt to dress traditionally, to humor our boss. The temperature in the place where we work is kept so cold, we are both forced to wear heavy cardigans over our dresses, but the application doesn’t always help enough, because we can’t wear socks using dress shoes, so we just constantly stay cold. Once, my boss noticed my teeth chattering and mentioned that all the cold temperatures in the office would keep microbes away. I didn’t mention the cold temperatures may also keep customers away. We often take our breaks outside to be able to warm up in the summertime heat, and in the winter, I keep a small space heater near my desk. We look ahead to the rare day our boss will take off from work so that we can easily adjust the thermostat to a more comfortable temperature. My coworker and I even chipped quite a bit of money towards buying his office a good little fan for his birthday, to simply no avail. He took it and then carried it back to his home with him. They say that what doesn’t kill you certainly will make you stronger and at least I have a job with a awesome boss. Really my only desire is that our office wasn’t so cold.

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I’m enjoying this gas heating system

Over the winter, I heat my living room, dining room, and kitchen with a natural gas fireplace. I invested in the fireplace about six years ago, and I am quite pleased with its overall performance. Because I live in the northern region of the country, the fireplace manages a very excessive workload. It runs at all times from the beginning of October until well into April. We’ve already faced some super chilly nights in May, and had to turn on the heat. Throughout the years I’ve had the gas fireplace, I have never had it professionally serviced. Although I’ve tried several times to schedule annual maintenance, I’ve never had any luck. The contractor who installed the gas fireplace in the first placed, shutdown  and I wasn’t all that happy with their service anyway. I contacted an HVAC contractor who offers fireplace repair, but they never answered their phone. I left a bunch of messages on the answering machine, but I never got a call back from them. When I got ahold of a different HVAC company, they were completely booked up for the following six weeks. The guy I spoke to promised to call me as soon as their schedule opened up, but he never did. In early September, I follow the instructions in my owner’s manual for cleaning and servicing the natural gas fireplace. Because I can’t access the inner workings, I’m extremely worried that the heater will breakdown during the wintertime. I can’t manage to get an HVAC contractor to show up for simple maintenance. There’s no chance I’ll ever get anybody to show up to  repair the heater on the coldest, snowiest night of the year.

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This is a loud system

As a young child, there was always this house in town that everyone was so scared of. We weren’t sure if anyone actually lived there, but all of my friends would always dare each other to go up to the porch and get to the doorbell. No one would actually be in there, but it would be fun to find who could get closest. The strangest thing about this house was that at night, there would always be strange noises that originated in it. I was walking home from my buddy’s house later on in life one night after dark and I saw the scary house. Suddenly, I listened to a huge screech coming from inside the house and I start running. I ran all the way home that night instead of informing anyone about it because I was so embarrassed. When I got older, I became an agent in my home town and was tasked to market that same scary house who was down the block. I laughed the thought. One of the first things we do when we sell a house is perform a walk through. I was anxious and excited at the same time. Our property manager inspected it and explained that it had a defective HVAC unit. It turns out an entire time all those sounded were for the faulty HVAC ducts having air in them. I called our HVAC issuer, had the HVAC technician come and perform a furnace installation, furnace service, air conditioner product. And leave some papers on heating and cooling for the new owners.heating and air