Soccer games with no heating

I played soccer when I was in high school. I loved traveling to different schools and playing against them. It was so fun to load up on the bus with my team and beat the other school. A lot of fans would come with us to cheer us on. My father was the biggest supporter of my soccer career. He went to every game and even stayed at a few practices. He loved watching it from beginning to end. But he had one complaint. Our season started in the summertime where it was warm out. Everyone would be in tanks and shorts and be the right temperature. As our season went on, the temperatures dropped. My father would start complaining of getting cold at the games. He would wear heavy layers and bring blankets and still was cold. Since soccer is played outdoors there was no heating system provided. It would have been nice for the parents to have access to a heater. The heating system could make them the right temperature and they could enjoy the game. Instead most of the fans were miserable and we saw less of them as the season went on. This was kind of a bummer because you want more fans when you end the season. Unfortunately on our last game, we never had too many people there. I really believe it was the lack of any kind of furnace, heater or heating device. What would have been cool is if there is a way to install a radiant heater in the benches they sat on.


HVAC needs

Owning a HVAC unit is like owning a dog, but way more functional. A dog needs food, water, attention and care. You can’t just leave a dog on its own and expect it to be fine. You need to watch over it constantly. A heating and cooling system needs that same attention. You have to clean and replace air filters in your HVAC device. You need to check for dust in your system. You also need to be aware of any rust, damage or corrosion. Calling the HVAC contractor first thing is the smartest move you can make. If you notice a small repair, get it fixed before it turns to a larger one. It is like taking your dog to the vet. If the dog is looking a bit sick or limping, you do not let him work the problem out. You have him looked after and cared for. Dogs also get shots I believe yearly to take care of them. You have to think ahead and call for your pet. A HVAC system is the same way with HVAC service. For every seasonal change the unit needs to be cleaned and inspected. The professional can ensure the unit is working well and will safely operate. If you leave a dog on its own it will eventually die. Your HVAC equipment will also prematurely break down with improper or no care. The device needs to have it inspected at least twice a year to ensure maximum efficiency and safe operation. Take care of your heater and air conditioner this year.

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The power is out!

Working part time at a resort hotel has it’s fun days and its challenges.  We have a large local amusement park that features many roller coasters have a huge water park and people are always excited to be there for vacation.  When they arrived they’re usually excited and their kids are jumping around in front of the front desk waiting for their room and to head into the park. This past weekend was a different story as we had the passing thunderstorms and everyone was waiting around to go back into the park. We had several guests complaining because they said they didn’t understand why they couldn’t go into the park even though there was lightning. We explain that it was for their own safety and that as soon as we got the all-clear we would let them go back in.  Thankfully everyone was gathered in an air-conditioned hotel as opposed to standing out in the heat watching the rain come down. We were all patiently waiting when all of a sudden the power went out. It was during the day and lighting wasn’t an issue however, with the power out in the air conditioning was no longer working.  With all of the body heat from the guests and the temperature outside we begin to feel uncomfortable very quickly.  The power was out for about an hour and our system had to be reset by the HVAC technicians on staff. I was glad the power was back on but I was more glad that my shift was over and I can go home to my air-conditioned house.

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Putting limits on our air conditioning

This past week has been so hot in our town. I was watching the news the other day and our weatherman said that we have been hitting record breaking temperatures for the past three days. Since it’s been so hot I have been taking my children to the community pool to cool down and have some fun to beat the heat. We have been staying cool and staying hydrated to prevent any exhaustion from the humidity and the sun. There was breaking news showing that there was a conference with the governor letting all of the state residents know that they should try to conserve as much energy as possible. The governor also stated that they would be conserving the state offices air conditioning and lights. This is because the electric grid from the state was the highest that it’s ever been in one day. By conserving energy and money due to the amount of people using their air-conditioning system this week, his way of conserving was to turn some of the main lights in the state building off. As well as setting the thermostats to a much higher temperature than normal. The governor did this is so the air-conditioning system in the state building would not turn kick on as much. With the air-conditioning not running to its normal set temperature of 70°, it did certainly save from the power grid saving the state money and possibly a future statewide outage due to the amount of people using their air conditioning system. Luckily we didn’t have ours running all day so we were saving our energy just like governor told us to do.

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Dehumidifier issues

Where I live, we have unpredictable weather. It can be warm and rainy one day and snowing the next. This summer, we have had so much heat and rain that the humidity levels have skyrocketed. It is hard to breathe, sleep and even eat in this type of weather. On top of all of this, our basement has been collecting moisture from excessive rain showers we have had. Living near a creek was the worst decision of my life. For years, we had the best dehumidifier that kept our basement dry as a bone. We rarely suffered from any molding or moisture issues because the dehumidifier works so well. This year, our HVAC equipment has been working so hard to keep our house in sorts that the parts are becoming worn. At the beginning of the summer, we had issues with our dehumidifier and realized that the compressor part needed to be replaced. So, we went to the home store, looked into the parts, and replaced it. The dehumidifier seemed to be working fine, but it only brought on more issues. Soon after that, we noticed our cooling system was not getting our home down to the right temperature. We hired HVAC contractors to come look at the system and they explained that the humidity had wrecked the sensor that connected the thermostat with the cooling unit.  So, instead of being able to simply fix the sensor, we had to replace the entire cooling unit, because with excess humidity and moisture, bacteria had started to grow. Apparently, this was the summer that would drain our bank account, all because of one small dehumidifier breakdown. air conditioner repair

Back to school blues

I am not excited to go back to school. It is the worst time of the year. I love my freedom in the summer and it drags me down to know that it will be gone as soon as school begins in the fall. My friends are excited to share their schedules and go shopping for new clothes but I refuse. The weather is still beautiful when we go back, and I am stuck inside the hot, sticky school classrooms all day long. It feels like a sauna after each class. We sit in there for fifty minutes and by the time we leave it seems like the air conditioning was never on to begin with. I know the school does its best to try and maintain the cooling system throughout the summer, but I don’t think that they put in enough work on it. Since students are off for three months during the hottest time of the year, the A/C is rarely ever running during that time. Sometimes, I think that they don’t even hire HVAC contractors to do yearly maintenance. It really shows when we all head back to school in September too. Fortunately, fall brings some cooler days and we can simply open the windows to escape the heat from our poorly working air conditioners. Unlike my home, the school doesn’t have central air conditioning. I am lucky to have such a nice home that has central air because it is a relief during the hot, humid summer days. Maybe I should consider being home schooled to avoid the school’s terrible cooling system.

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Awkward placement of HVAC

After being trapped camping the past three weeks, I have been feeling like I’m going crazy without civilization. Yesterday my dad finally took my family and me into town and we went to eat at a barbeque style restaurant. The restaurant was really nice and it felt like a perfect temperature compared to the rising heat outside. The smells in the restaurant were making my mouth water. I haven’t had a decent meal in so long that I’m actually afraid that eating a real meal will make me sick. We had 8 of us sitting at one long table, and it was right next to the HVAC machine. The HVAC Company had installed it at the most awkward height, so it was just tipping the top of our heads. Our table was very close to the wall, and it was really inconvenient to have to worry about possibly hitting your head. Halfway through dinner, the HVAC unit was turned on and small spurts of cold air were coming out. It was relaxing considering the temperature outside. Why would they install an HVAC unit there or even put a table so close to it? The food was great and I would definitely return but I think I’d have to ask for a different seat away from the HVAC. It interrupted our dinner conversation when the HVAC system turned on in the first place. I’ve been agitated enough from living outdoors, and I couldn’t handle that extra negativity. I couldn’t believe we finally got to go to a restaurant, and an HVAC machine interrupted everything.HVAC tune-up